How To Remove Lint From A Blanket

Keeping your blankets lint-free is a continual struggle. A single blanket may look clean and feel soft, but after one or two uses, it’s covered in lint. When you store your blanket in a drawer, lint gets trapped in the fibers of

How To Care For Sunflowers In A Vase

Sunflowers are beautiful flowers that can bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home. If you have some vases and love sunflowers, then you might be wondering how to care for them in vases. If you have the option, the

How To Protect A Door From Dog Scratches

Did you know that dog scratches on doors can be a sign of dominance or stress? Scratching can also be your dog’s way of telling you they don’t like something in their environment. However, ugly and destructive dog scratches on doors are

How To Hang Stockings On A Stair Railing

You know that scene from a Christmas movie with an old-fashioned fireplace, stockings hung on the mantel, and logs blazing away in the hearth? You’ll be happy to know you can make that happen in your home. To create a similar vibe,

How To Use And Maintain The Floor Polisher

When you walk through a hotel or hospital and look at their floors, you get that glossy feeling. You instantly know it’s a floor that’s well-maintained and cleaned. That’s because these organizations use floor polishers for carpet maintenance. To help you understand

Can You Dry Clean Hand Wash Only Clothes

Everything is trending towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices and that’s a great thing. The world can be a terrifying place sometimes, but if we come together we can make a difference. There are some scary statistics about the state of our planet

Can You Jump A Lawn Mower With A Car

You’d probably answer no to that question. Or perhaps you wouldn’t even understand it in the first place. But as nonsensical as it sounds, jumping a lawn mower with a car is possible. Apparently, there are more adventurous people who have tried

How To Fix A Clicking Ceiling Fan

A clicking ceiling fan is a problem you may encounter with your new or old ceiling fan. It’s very annoying when every time you want to turn on the ceiling fan, it clicks and makes noise instead. Clicking sound from a ceiling

How To Adjust Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads

You probably don’t think about your sprinkler system much until it rains. When the first drops of rainfall, you may notice some yellowing leaves, a withering plant, or a soggy lawn. If your watering system is not operating optimally, there are several

Can You Use Oil Based Paint Over Water Based Primer

When painting a room, it’s common for the first coat of paint to have some issues. Whether you’re just beginning to learn how to paint or are an experienced painter, something will go wrong occasionally. The right preparation and techniques will almost

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