How To Hang Stockings On A Stair Railing

How To Hang Stockings On A Stair Railing

You know that scene from a Christmas movie with an old-fashioned fireplace, stockings hung on the mantel, and logs blazing away in the hearth? You’ll be happy to know you can make that happen in your home. To create a similar vibe, hang stockings on your stair railing. It’s a simple but effective way to bring holiday cheer into your home. But not just any old stocking will do. Obviously, hand-stitched goose-down stockings won’t work as well as something more modern and practical like these no-sew waterproof stockings on Amazon. Keep reading to learn how to hang stockings on a stair railing.

How To Hang Stockings On A Stair Railing

Selecting Stockings

Choose a type and style of stockings you’d like to hang on your stair railing. There are many options, so it’s best to have a few on hand. Think about the look you want for your home. Christmas colors? A floral pattern? An abstract design? Then select the appropriate stocking. You may also want to consider color and size as well as the shape and number of stockings you’ll need.

Cut Stockings To Fit Stair Railing

Cut the stockings to fit the length and width of your stair railing. For example, if you want to hang 8 stockings on a 6 ft. stair railing, cut 8 stockings to fit that space. If you’re using a wider stair railing like this one, you’ll need fewer stockings. Be sure they are long enough to cover the entire width of the step.

Sew Stockings To Stair Railing

Sew each stocking onto your stair railing with a thread or yarn needle and matching thread or yarn. You can use any kind of sewing machine and threads appropriate for the type of fabric used in each stocking. If you’re using a heavy-duty sewing machine, you may be able to sew directly through the fabric without having to turn it over first. Test-fit your finished stocking before securing it permanently on your stair railing by slipping it over your hand for about 10 seconds before trying it again on the real thing!

Hang Your Stockings On The Stair Railing

Hang each stocking from its topmost point at least 2 inches from the bottom of that point so that it doesn’t touch any other stocking (you can also choose not to hang any stockings at all). It may help if you make temporary marks on each stocking where you want them placed so that later when it comes time to take down your stockings, there will be no mistakes! For example, this one is marked with a piece of tape.

Hanging Stockings On A Stair Railing: The Basics

Hang stockings on a sturdy rail

The best place to hang stockings is on a sturdy railing. This will prevent them from falling off the rails, and provide stability so they don’t fall down the stairs (or off the roof).

Use a ladder to reach your stockings

If you have a second-story home, you may want to use a ladder to reach the top of the railing where you can hang your stockings. If not, it shouldn’t be too hard to get up there with a stepladder or step stool. If you do use a stepladder or step stool, make sure it’s secure and has some kind of grip for safety reasons

Install a hook on the railing

The easiest way to hang stockings is with a nail gun. You can find this tool in most hardware stores, and it won’t cost more than $20. Just make sure you have a sturdy piece of wood to install the nail gun on (either on the wall or on the floor). Then you can just hang your stockings right over it! You don’t even need to drill holes for this method, though that might be a good idea if you have little ones around or pets who could knock your stockings down.

Use a fishing line or string to hang stockings

You can use a fishing line or string to hang your stockings from the railing, but it isn’t quite as secure as using a nail gun and sturdy wood piece. Instead of using nails, which are expensive and dangerous for children, you can use a fishing line or string for much less money. Get some fishing wire at your local hardware store (about $3-5) and knot it together at the top of each stocking before tying it onto your railings with knots at both ends of each stocking like these no-sew DIY Christmas Stockings tutorials shown below:

Use a coat hanger and wire

If you don’t want to spend money on a fishing wire, or don’t have any fishing wire handy, you can just use a coat hanger and some wire to hang your stockings. Make sure the hanger is sturdy enough to support the weight of the stocking and it shouldn’t fall down the railing. If you have pets who could knock your stockings down, get some strong string to tie them on with as this no-sew DIY Christmas Stockings tutorial is shown below.

How To Hang Stockings On A Stair Railing With Command Hooks

  1. Consider the size of your stair railing. Not all stair rails are equal, so be sure to measure the width and depth of your rail before buying stockings.
  2. Buy the right-size stockings. Stockings come in a variety of sizes, but it’s best to get a size that’s slightly larger than your railing so they can drape over the sides without being too bulky.
  3. Look for command hooks with removable backs or hangers that fit around your rail and hang freely on your wall.
  4. Use command hooks at both ends of your rail to hang stockings on each side, making sure they’re not too close together or too far apart so they don’t touch each other when you reach for one from the bottom of the stairs.
  5. Place one command hook at each end of the rail, with about 6 inches between them for safety reasons (though you can use more if you want). Then measure down from every other command hook by about 5 inches; this will create space between each stocking so it hangs freely without rubbing up against another stocking as you walk down the stairs.

How To Hang Stockings On A Stair Railing With String

Find The Right Stair Railing

Now that you know how to hang stockings on a stair railing, it’s time to choose the right style of railing. There are a variety of options available, so you can choose the one that’s right for your home. If you have wooden stairs, a wrought iron railing will look great above your staircase. A solid brass rail is another option that would work well in an older home. If you’re looking for something more modern and sleek, consider these stainless steel stair railings on Amazon.

Measure The Railing Length

Once you have chosen the type of stair railing you want, it’s time to measure how long it is. Remember that there are two sides to this project: the length of the string and the height of each stocking (the distance between each stocking and the floor). To do this, measure from one foot at either end of your stair railing to where you want your first stocking hung (make sure this is at least 2 feet above your floor level). Then measure from there directly up to where you plan on hanging the last stocking (again, make sure this is at least 2 feet from your floor). This will give you a total length measurement between 6 and 8 feet depending on which type of rail system you choose.

Install The Railing String

Now comes installing the string itself onto your new rail system! If it comes with adhesive strips or hooks, you can use those. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy a few yards of string and cut it to the length of your rail. You can also buy bungee cords that you can use as a substitute for string. Either way, measure the length you need before cutting it so that it will be long enough to reach from one end of your rail to the other.

Attach The String To The Railing

One end of the string will go on the underside of your rail and then be tied around a metal bar that runs across the top of your railing (this is called a “bar tack”). The other end is attached to each stocking in turn by tying it around each stocking at regular intervals along its full length (again, this is called “stocking tack”). When all of this is done, your string should be hanging freely from each end of your railing. If you have any questions about how to hang stockings on a stair railing with string, contact us today!


The best time to start planning your holiday decor is now. By planning ahead, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the season when it arrives. One of the easiest ways to bring holiday cheer into your home is by hanging stockings on a stair railing. There are several ways to do this. You can use command hooks or strings to hang them. You can also use hooks or put them on the wall beside the stairs. No matter how you choose to hang your stockings, they will add a festive touch to your home.