How To Hang  Paper Towel Holder On The Wall

If you live in a tiny apartment with little storage, you’ll likely need to get creative if you want to keep things neat and tidy. If you’re anything like the average college student or young professional, odds are that a nice-looking paper

How To Cover Self-Harm Scars

Self-harm is a way for people who feel trapped and alone to cope with their pain at the moment. It can be an effective if temporary, way to manage your pain if you do it in a healthy way and don’t let

How To Open Stuck Nail Polish

Whether it’s your go-to Red VENDY nail polish or a new Blueberry Smoothie scent, you will find yourself struggling to open the lid of your nail varnish from time to time. Whether you have been storing them in the wrong place, dropped

How To Remove Agitator From Maytag Washer

The agitator is a critical part of any front-load Maytag washer. It functions as the primary agitator, moving clothes in a circular motion to help remove stains and dirt from your clothing. If you’re having issues with your Maytag washer, and you

How To Be Pretty And Skinny

We all know the pressures of being a woman are real. Society sets unrealistic standards for women that can be difficult to navigate. You’re supposed to be pretty and skinny without sacrificing your intelligence, sense of humor, or passions. This article will

How To Get Dreads With Short Hair

If you’re interested in getting dreadlocks with short hair, there are a few things you need to know. The process of getting dreads with short hair is different from with long hair; your natural hair length limits what works and what doesn’t.

How To Dye Your Hair Blue Without Bleaching

Bleaching your hair blue seems like a logical next step as you continue to experiment with dyeing your hair with unnatural hues. This is especially true if you have ginger or red hair and are trying to go even bluer – but

Why Does My Hair Get Frizzy After I Shower

If you have naturally curly, or even straight hair, you know how challenging it can be to manage. Even the slightest amount of humidity can turn your tresses into an unruly mess in a matter of seconds. Although humid environments aren’t always

How To Make Hazel Eyes Look, Greener

Green-eyed people, rejoice! If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time envying the lucky souls with hazel or honey-colored eyes. Green eyes are simply stunning and they stand out in almost any crowd. They instantly add mystery,

How To Open A Sentry Safe Without A Key

If you’ve ever owned a Sentry safe, you know they don’t come with easy access. The lock is one of the tamper-proof varieties that require a special key to open. Luckily, there are several ways to master the system and get into

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