Would China Invade Canada

Would China Invade Canada

China is rapidly modernizing its military, and there’s every possibility that one day soon the People’s Liberation Army forces could pose a real threat to Canada. But would China actually invade Canada? And if so, why? In this article we’ll look at the history of Sino-Canadian relations; the balance of power in the Pacific; China’s attitude towards nations they consider as ‘little brothers’; and how all of this may lead to an invasion of Canada by China. Read on to find out more.

Would China Invade Canada?

No. China would not invade Canada because they have no use in doing so. The land up in Canada is barren and unpopulated so why would they invade it? Also, the climate in Canada is unfit to live in so there is no point in doing so.

 Why Is China Investing So Much In Its Military?

  1. The United States is withdrawing from the world stage, and China is taking over.
  2. The American dollar has lost its value in the international marketplace.
  3. The United States needs China’s currency to make payments for its debt, but it also wants to keep them weak so that they will buy more U.S. Treasury bonds and stockings from the U.S., which means that they have to keep buying U.S. debt at a discount rate, something that China wants to do so that it can get a better return on its investment in the U.S.
  4. The Chinese want to become number one in everything and they are doing this by buying up America’s assets and companies before America can sell them off at a loss because of the bad economy – like Walmart and GM (General Motors). This is why the Chinese are stealing all of our technology, patents, jobs, etc. They want all of these things before we can sell them off so that they will be able to afford them when they take over by making us pay more for what we sell them than what they paid us for it!
  5. The Chinese are afraid that America will invade them and take their country away from them, so they are investing heavily in their military so that if we ever do decide to invade then we will have a hard time doing it because of how many soldiers they have already stationed there.
  6. The Chinese don’t want any more war with us, but if necessary then they will fight us because of this fear that if we don’t fight them now then we will do it later when war becomes inevitable. This is why China has been fighting against Japan over who owns islands in the Pacific Ocean which is right next door to China because of this same reason!
  7. The Chinese need a strong military force so that if America invades China then she won’t be invaded by everyone else who fears her power, like Russia and Japan! The U.S., Japan, and Russia fear China’s growing power because of the U.S.’s current economy and military weakness!
  8. The Chinese want to take over America’s economic and military power so that they can have their way with us so that we will have no choice but to do what they say or else! They want to make sure that if we don’t do what they say then we will be conquered by them instead!
  9. The Chinese have been helping to destroy our economy and jobs so that we will be forced to sell them our assets cheaply when they do invade us! They are destroying our jobs because they know that if we don’t have jobs then there will be no U.S. economy to fight for, which means that there will be no war for China to fight in!
  10. The Chinese want to make sure that America does not become too powerful because then America would be able to take over China and then use its power and military strength against the rest of the world!
  11. The Chinese are trying to scare everyone else in the world into fearing the U.S.. So they are investing heavily into their military so that they can make sure that everyone else fears them just like we fear them now! They want everyone else in the world who is not part of their economic or military alliance with us, such as Russia and Japan, also fearful of us so that they will not attack us and try to take over China! They are afraid of what we could do if they ever tried invading China again after being defeated by us 100 years ago when we took their country away from them once before!

Why Would China Want To Invade Canada?

The Chinese government is not interested in invading Canada. China wants to gain economic benefits from Canada, and that is the reason for its recent trade deals with Canada and other countries.

  •  The U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement was one of President Trump’s key campaign promises and he has made good on that promise by signing this deal with his counterpart Justin Trudeau in late November of last year. This agreement will remove goods from tariffs between the two countries and will help increase trade between both nations while also helping Canadian businesses compete more effectively against American companies and industries. Many Canadians are very upset about this agreement because they think that it is unfair for our economy to be put at a disadvantage by having our businesses compete against American companies that have much lower labor costs than we do (6.5% as opposed to 10.5% in Canada). But China has been a major source of cheap labor for Canadian businesses for decades, and despite the fact that Canadian labor costs have increased significantly since the 1990s, our trade deficit with them continues to grow.
  •  Canada’s “Buy Canadian” policy is a way of supporting domestic industries by making it more expensive to purchase goods from foreign countries. This policy has been in place for decades, and during that time Canada has become one of the world’s largest exporters of oil and natural gas (although we are still a net importer of oil). In recent years, China has become a major source of cheap products for Canadians because they are willing to work for low wages (as low as $1 per hour in some cases) and produce goods that Canadians need but can’t make as cheaply as Chinese factories can. However, many Canadian businesses complain that these Chinese factories have unfair working conditions and are not following local laws regarding minimum wage or environmental regulations. From what I have read about this agreement between China and Canada, I believe it will help create jobs in both countries which will allow manufacturers in both countries to take advantage of cheaper Chinese labor as well as more stringent environmental regulations.
  •  This agreement will also help Canada’s dairy industry. Canadians are very dependent upon their milk supply, and our current government has done little in the past to support this industry. Canadian farmers have been able to sell milk at a profit to the U.S., but not many U.S. companies are interested in buying milk from Canada because of its high cost compared to milk produced in the United States (which is subsidized by the federal government). Canada’s dairy industry will now be able to sell more of their milk products into American markets, which should allow them to earn higher profits from these sales and hopefully increase their exports of those products into the U.S. and elsewhere around the world as well.
  •  I believe that this agreement will also help Canada’s economy overall. People in Canada are very dependent upon trade with other countries, and our economy has suffered greatly since becoming a net importer of goods (which is caused by higher tariffs on goods coming from other countries). This agreement may bring more jobs to Canada while it helps to decrease our trade deficit with China (and possibly other countries).
  •  This agreement will also protect Canadian workers from losing their jobs due to unfair working conditions in Chinese factories (as discussed above). High-wage industries like manufacturing have become very competitive in recent years, and many companies have been forced to cut their workforce in order to remain competitive. This agreement will help Canadian workers to be able to compete with Chinese factories while also ensuring that they are not losing their jobs due to bad working conditions.

Final Word

I am not sure if China would invade Canada. However, if they did, China would have to be prepared for the cold and harsh conditions of Canada. I think that it’s a good idea for Canada to have a stockpile of weapons in case China attacked them. I also think that it would be good for Canada to have troops stationed in other countries because if China wanted to attack them, they would have to go through Canada first (which could take months).

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