What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

If you’re unfortunate enough to have someone egg your car, the first thing that will cross your mind is ‘What can the police do if someone eggs your car?’ After all, egging someone else’s vehicle is not a criminal offense. If it happens once, you may be able to ignore it and move on. In fact, many people believe that egging as a new year prank is an old tradition. The following article details everything you need to know about what can the police do if someone eggs your car?

What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car?

Check for fingerprints

If there are any fingerprints on the outside of the car, the police can check these against any fingerprints they already have on file, in case they come across the same set of prints at another crime scene. If they find a match, they may be able to track down the person who egged your car and bring them in for questioning. If there are fingerprints inside the car near where the eggs were found, then these could also help the police track down who did this. If there are any fingerprints on the eggs themselves, then these could also be helpful for the police in tracking down the culprit.

Take photos of the scene

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The police may also ask you to take photos of the scene surrounding the car, including the car itself, and any evidence. They could even ask you to take photos of the inside of the car and egg splatter inside the car. These will help the police to submit their case to their superiors and may be used in court.

Ask if there’s any damage and what was targeted

The police may also want to know if there is any damage to the car or if anyone knows what was targeted with the eggs. If after the police have checked the car there is no damage, then the police will be less likely to take this case seriously. This is because they will assume the car was not targeted since the egg only made a mess inside the car and did not break the window or cause other damage.

Find out who was nearby when it happened

If there were people nearby when this happened, the police may want to speak to them in order to put together a timeline of events and to see if these people may have witnessed anything. If people were nearby and saw someone egg your car, then these witnesses could help the police to track down the person who did it. If people were nearby and heard someone egg your car, then these witnesses could help the police to put together a timeline of events.

Ask for witness statements from passersby

If people were nearby when someone egged your car, the police may want to speak to these people in order to get a witness statement about what happened. The police will want to know how many people were there, what they were wearing, and if they were with anyone else.

Why The Police Can’t Do Much?

The egging may be a prank

Depending on who did the egging, it was probably a prank of some kind. Kids do it, senior citizens do it, and sometimes even adults do it for revenge. If an adult did the egging for revenge, then the police can probably find them if they have a license plate number or even a car model. Kids are much harder to catch because they run when they see the police. Adults might try to resist arrest, but they will likely give up as soon as they see the police are serious. Kids might also be scared when they see the police, but they will likely run away because they did not plan on getting caught.

Eggs can usually be washed off easily

Most eggs are made of white paint. Although the paint is technically permanent, it can be easily washed off. If the eggs were thrown on the sides of your car or on the wheels, you may have some issues washing them off. However, if the eggs were thrown on the roof or the hood of your car, then you should be able to simply wipe them off. If someone throws eggs at your car, and they are on non-washable areas, then maybe you can use that as evidence to the police.

There is no substantial damage

Like with paint, if the egging leaves a permanent mark, then it can be considered vandalism. However, egging your car will leave a very minimal mark—if any. If the eggs are thrown at your car and there is no damage done to your paint, then it is not vandalism. It will also not be considered vandalism if the eggs were thrown on the ground and not on your car. Even if the eggs were on your car and did not wash off, it would not be considered vandalism.

No witnesses and the police will probably assume it’s kids being stupid anyway

If there are no witnesses to the egging, the police will probably not do much about it. This is especially true if they find out that it was done by kids or other stupid people. You can tell them it was not kids and they should open an investigation, but they may not do so. If there are witnesses, then the police can most likely get the information they need to get whoever egged your car. If there are no witnesses, the police will probably assume it was done by a person or people who wanted to be as unidentifiable as possible. This can really damage an investigation if it becomes a serious matter.

Criminal Law And Egging

  • As we have already discussed, egging isn’t a criminal offense. However, there are a few laws that could come into play if the egging was extremely serious.
  •  Perhaps the most likely law that will apply is the Trespass to Premises Act. 
  • This act states that it is a crime to trespass onto private property.
  •  If you are caught egging, you could be charged with trespassing. 
  • If the egging was extremely disruptive and violent, you could also be charged with a hate crime. 
  • This is because the egging will be racially motivated. And the authorities will find that the act was meant to intimidate and threaten others.

Trespassing And Egging

  • If you are caught egging, the first thing that will happen is you will be trespassing. 
  • You will have broken the law by entering private property. This means that you could be charged with trespassing.
  •  Egging a house is an act of trespassing. And so is egging a car.
  •  It doesn’t matter what you throw. The fact that you have entered private property without the owner’s permission is the issue.
  •  If you are caught trespassing, the police have the right to arrest you. And they have the right to search you. They have the right to do this even if they don’t consent.


Egging someone else’s car isn’t a criminal offense. But if the egging is particularly disruptive, you could be charged with both trespassing and vandalism. If the police catch you egging, you could be charged with two crimes. The consequences of these crimes could be significant. Egging is a stupid and immature thing to do. It only causes unnecessary disturbance. If you are unfortunate enough to have somebody egg your car, there isn’t much that the police can do. And there isn’t much that you can do either.