250 Skyrim Dunmer Names: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Name For Your Elder Scrolls Character

Skyrim Dunmer Names

The Dunmer race is an ancient and powerful people in Skyrim. Their culture, history, and naming conventions are unique, which makes it essential to choose the right name for your Dunmer character. In this guide, we’ll explore traditional Dunmer names, popular names in Skyrim, and unique names that you can use to create your own character.

Understanding Dunmer Naming Conventions:

Dunmer names are a combination of a given name and a surname. The given name is typically one or two syllables long, while the surname is longer and more complicated. Dunmer surnames typically begin with “Vel” or “Dra” and end with “-as” or “-is.”

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Name:

When choosing a Dunmer name, it’s important to consider the character’s backstory, personality, and role in the game. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a Dunmer name:

  • Meaning: What does the name mean, and how does it relate to your character?
  • History: Is your character from a noble house, or are they a commoner?
  • Personality: Does the name reflect your character’s personality traits, such as being ambitious, proud, or cunning?
  • Role: Is your character a warrior, mage, or thief? The name should reflect their role in the game.

Popular Dunmer Names In Skyrim:

1. Almalexia 21. Veleth 41. Arathor 61. Gindas 81. Trebonius Artorius
2. Baladas 22. Venim 42. Andalin 62. Gindrala Hleran 82. Uleni Heleran
3. Dagoth 23. Verano 43. Belas 63. Halseth 83. Ulves Romoran
4. Dratha 24. Vindryn 44. Calcelmo 64. Ilmeni Dren 84. Valas Hlaalu
5. Dram 25. Voryn 45. Celedaen 65. Krag 85. Velas
6. Fyr 26. Vulwulf 46. Dagoth Ur 66. Kren 86. Velasquez
7. Gothren 27. Vvardenfell 47. Desideratus 67. Llandras 87. Velyn
8. Helseth 28. Zainsubani 48. Eryndor 68. Malvasian 88. Vevrana
9. Hlaren 29. Zaintiraris 49. Farwil 69. Mavos 89. Vilverin
10. Indoril 30. Zalitri 50. Galdrus 70. Methal Seran 90. Yenadin
11. Llethan 31. Zandil 51. Anas 71. Nelecar 91. Yenaynth
12. Madras 32. Zenas 52. Athyn 72. Nevos 92. Yeveth Noramil
13. Nerevar 33. Zeno 53. Balyn 73. Rararyn Radarys 93. Yinzheir
14. Rilms 34. Zenithar 54. Brelas 74. Relas Hlaalu 94. Zabinus
15. Sadri 35. Zirathus 55. Councillor Morvayn 75. Saryoni 95. Zailata
16. Salothran 36. Zulkir 56. Dredayn 76. Sondryn 96. Zaladir
17. Telvanni 37. Zulmira 57. Edras 77. Sorex Vinius 97. Zalas Faryon
18. Therana 38. Zuriel 58. Erabenimsun 78. Sunel Hlas 98. Zaldrane
19. Urthel 39. Zutadus 59. Faral 79. Theranis 99. Zalmir
20. Uvaram 40. Zynithar 60. Galos 80. Tholer Saryoni 100. Zavos Averni

Unique Dunmer Names For Your Character:

Unique Dunmer Names

Funny Dunmer Names In Skyrim:

While traditional and unique names can add depth and meaning to your Dunmer character in Skyrim, sometimes a funny or lighthearted name can add a touch of humor and whimsy to your gameplay. Here are 50 funny Dunmer names to consider:

  1. Arak Jokesmith
  2. Baela Grumpybutt
  3. Calcelmo Thinkshe’sfunny
  4. Dredayn the Derpy
  5. Eronth Dum-Dum
  6. Faral the Foolish
  7. Galos Giggles
  8. Gindas the Goofball
  9. Halseth Hilarious
  10. Ilmeni Dren The Punster
  11. Jairn Jester
  12. Kelveth Knucklehead
  13. Llandras the Laughable
  14. Malthyr the Mischievous
  15. Narevyn Nutty
  16. Othril the Oddball
  17. Phraedus the Prankster
  18. Quilse Quickwit
  19. Rararyn Radarys the Ridiculous
  20. Relas Hlaalu the Rascal
  21. Saryoni the Silly
  22. Sondryn the Sarcastic
  23. Sorex Vinius the Sassy
  24. Sunel Hlas the Silliness
  25. Telvyr the Trickster
  26. Thendaram the Troublemaker
  27. Uleni Heleran the Unpredictable
  28. Ulthas the Unfunny
  29. Valas Hlaalu the Vexing
  30. Velas the Vain
  31. Vanara the Vaudevillian
  32. Vaylira the Ventriloquist
  33. Velynthal the Vainglorious
  34. Vindur the Vindictive
  35. Virel the Vicious
  36. Vycthel the Vile
  37. Wyrmslayer the Whimsical
  38. Xarethan the X-Ray
  39. Yalnur the Yoyo
  40. Yarvis the Yapper
  41. Yaveth the Yarnspinner
  42. Zalinith the Zany
  43. Zalorin the Zippy
  44. Zellinor the Zigzag
  45. Zirenth the Zoomer
  46. Zoraya the Zestful
  47. Zynevir the Zebra
  48. Zynthor the Zany
  49. Zythas the Zesty
  50. Zythor the Zinger

While these names may not be traditional or serious, they can add a fun and light-hearted element to your gameplay. Just be sure to choose a name that still reflects your character’s backstory, personality, and role in the game. With these funny Dunmer names, you’ll be sure to add a touch of humor and whimsy to your Skyrim adventure.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect name for your Dunmer character in Skyrim can enhance your role-playing experience and add depth and meaning to your gameplay. Whether you choose a traditional Dunmer name, a popular name in Skyrim, or a unique name, the name you choose should reflect your character’s backstory, personality, and role in the game. By considering these factors, you can create a name that is memorable, meaningful, and reflective of your character’s identity.

The rich culture and history of the Dunmer race in Skyrim provide plenty of inspiration for naming your character. From traditional names like Almalexia and Nerevar to unique names like Kaelis and Zailata, there are endless possibilities for creating a name that fits your character.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that you feel connected to and that adds to your overall role-playing experience. We hope this guide has provided you with inspiration and guidance in choosing the perfect name for your Dunmer character in Skyrim. Happy adventuring!

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