How To Surprise Your Partner During A Vacation Getaway In The UAE

How To Surprise Your Partner During A Vacation Getaway In The UAE

When taking a trip with your partner, especially to a romantic place like the UAE, you may want to surprise them. However, this may come with certain difficulties, from struggling to speak the local language, unreliable wifi or even having no time to sneak away and plan your surprise. No worries, we are here to help you through this process and find the perfect surprise for your other half. 

The first way to surprise your partner during your vacation getaway to the UAE is by buying or having flowers delivered to your hotel. This is the perfect way for special occasions such as International Women’s Day – most hotels will allow you to order womens day flower to your room, helping you to cut out any difficulties and meaning you don’t have to sneak them in. If your hotel does not offer this option, feel free to get in touch with a flower delivery service. These services will allow you to order a flower bouquet and choose a flower arrangement that fits your price and needs.

Consider surprising your loved one with breakfast in bed or by the pool. Many hotels in the UAE provide this service (some even include it), this is the perfect way to allow your partner to relax and enjoy themselves without getting out of bed. From pastries to fruit, or mimosas in the pool – you’re sure to find something that’ll make their day. Speak to your concierge or hotel reception about arranging this.

If your partner is the more adventurous type why not tick something off their bucket list? The UAE boasts enriching and exciting experiences including private safaris. If you’re looking to get out into the desert and see the nature of the Middle East, this is the perfect experience. Why not couple the trip with a traditional Arabian dinner, to add to the cultural experience and the romantic atmosphere?

Booking a private meal on the beach is a romantic and unique experience all couples should try. The UAE is surrounded by beaches and filled with restaurants boasting delicious food so makes for the perfect place to treat your loved one. The privacy and exclusivity of booking a private meal on a beach means that you have the opportunity to get the menu according to your wants and needs. 

The UAE and notably Dubai are some of the best places in the world to shop, from Dubai Mall to the Mall of the Emirates. Whether you like to spend some money on a shopping spree or just want a small romantic treat, the malls of the UAE are a must. 

Also, the UAE Is known for its Marinas with Dubai and Abu Dhabi boasting some of the most spectacular ones. Consider a yacht trip as part of your romantic getaway. Not only will you get to take in the sights of the city, but also spend a perfect day with the person you love the most. 

If your partner usually prefers to relax and pamper themselves, why not try one of the UAE’s top spas, from saunas to steam rooms, massages to treatments, there’s something for everyone when it comes to relaxing in the UAE. This can become a perfect experience for you and your partner to unwind together. 

No matter what your partner’s preferences are, there’s always a lot to explore in the UAE with various activities from yacht trips to private restaurants or exploring the desert. Make sure to order your flowers and book your trips ahead of your visit. 

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