How To Stop Wasps From Coming Back 

How To Stop Wasps From Coming Back 

Wasps are notorious for their aggressive nature and ability to provoke fear. If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp, you’ll know that these insects can be quite nasty when provoked. However, they also have their uses and can be quite beneficial if kept in check. Wasp nests are usually located underground but they may appear above ground too. Wasps tend to build their colonies in hidden places because it protects them from natural predators such as birds and snakes. In this article, we explore how you can stop wasps from coming back again.

How To Keep Wasps From Coming Back?

Use wasp traps

A wasp trap is an effective solution for removing wasps from your property. It attracts the wasps with its sweet aroma and traps them. There are many kinds of wasp traps available in the market. Choose one that is easy to use, durable, weather-proof, easy to clean, and safe for children and pets. The wasp trap can be used to trap wasps that might be building nests on your property. It can also be used to keep wasps away from your backyard or patio. When the wasps get attracted to the trap, they crawl into it and cannot find their way out again. The wasp trap is best placed on a sunny spot in your backyard or patio so that it can easily attract the wasps. You can also place the wasp trap in places where wasps are likely to build their nests such as against the wall of your house.

Install mesh screens on the openings you want to be protected

If you notice wasps entering your home through the open windows or doors, the best thing to do is to install mesh screens on these openings. The mesh screens will prevent the wasps from entering your home and can be removed when needed. You can also install mesh screens on the vents of your house as this is where the wasps usually enter your house from. When installing mesh screens on the vents, you can make them easier to remove by installing hooks on the inside of the vent. For the windows and doors, you can use suction cups to easily remove the mesh screen when needed. When installing mesh screens, make sure that the holes in the mesh are small enough to prevent wasps from entering your house.

Set up electronic wasp repellent devices

Electronic wasp repellents repel the wasps from their nests or from your property by emitting sounds that they find irritating. They are best placed near the places where wasps are likely to build their nests such as near the eaves of the roof or under the deck. The electronic wasp repellents are best placed outdoors as they can produce a loud noise. This can be quite annoying if placed indoors. The electronic wasp repellents send out audible sounds that are at frequencies that are outside of the human hearing range. The sound produced is about 20 kilohertz and is in the same range as a smoke alarm or a microwave oven. These devices are effective in keeping away wasps from specific areas but cannot be used to protect the whole house.

Use natural wasp repellents and insecticides

These are substances that are often used in gardens and farms to keep pests such as wasps away. They are effective in keeping wasps away from specific areas such as gardens and farms but cannot be used to protect the whole house. The natural repellents are best mixed with water and sprayed on the plants in your garden to keep the wasps away. Spray the natural repellents on plants, trees, and shrubs to keep the wasps away from these areas. You can also use the insecticides inside your house to protect specific items such as your food and cans, especially in places where the wasps cannot get to like the inside of the cupboards.

How To Stop Wasps From Coming Back: 3 Natural Ways

There are several ways in which you can keep wasps from returning to your property. These include practicing good housekeeping, removing the food source, and keeping the area around your home free from potential nesting spots. Let’s explore these in detail below.

Practice good housekeeping

It is not just wasps that are attracted to trash. Other pests like rodents, cockroaches, and flies are also drawn to garbage. It is important to keep your surroundings clean and tidy to keep these insects away from your home. It is also important to keep your garbage cans closed. Open garbage cans can be a source of food for wasps. If the wasps find a source of food in your house, they will likely come back again.

Remove the food source

Wasps feed on insects such as spiders and caterpillars. If you notice that you are attracting wasps to your home, it is likely because there are insects around your home. You can attract wasps to your home by having plants such as roses, peonies, and lilies around your home. If you have plants such as these in your home, it is important to take care of them regularly. You can remove insects from the plants regularly to keep the wasps from visiting your home.

Keep the area around your home free from potential nesting spots

It is important to keep the area around your home free from potential nesting spots. You can do this by keeping the weeds and grass short in the areas around your home. Tall weeds and grasses are good places for wasps to build their nests. It is also important to keep the places around your homes such as the roof, eaves, and doorways free from debris. If you keep these places clean, it will be difficult for wasps to find places to build their nests.

Why Do Wasps From Coming Back? 

You didn’t do enough damage to the original nest

The nest you knock down might look like a mess of broken wood and paper to you, but to the wasps, it’s a treasure chest of loot. They’ll keep rebuilding the same nest until it’s strong enough for them to move back in. If you want to make sure you’ve done enough damage to the nest, you can do one of two things. The first option is to burn the nest down. The second option is to use a special insecticide that will make the wood so weak that it collapses under its own weight.

You left some eggs behind

No matter how well you think you’ve knocked down the original nest, there’s always a chance that you’ve missed a few eggs. Wasps are very crafty when it comes to building their nests, and they’ll make sure to hide the eggs in places that humans can’t see. This is because we’re their number one threat. Even if you’ve managed to kill off a few wasps and knock down their nest, the rest of the colony will see you as a threat that needs to be eliminated. They’ll put the eggs in places that you can’t see and then make sure to protect them until the wasp babies can take care of themselves.

You didn’t seal up all the entry points

When you knock down the nest or destroy the eggs, you might think that you’ve won the war against the wasps. However, some of the wasps might have escaped and are still flying around your house. If you don’t seal up all the entry points, the wasps will simply find a way inside. They’ll either build a new nest in an old crack or hole or they’ll just hole up in an unused room. To make sure you’ve sealed up all the holes, you’ll have to check every nook and cranny of your home.

The wasps are coming back for more food

Did you know that wasps are actually more interested in eating sugary foods than stinging people? The main reason they sting people is either because they’ve been disturbed while eating or because they’re protecting their nest. However, if you’ve managed to destroy the eggs and the nest, you might think that the wasps are done with you for good. However, you’d be wrong. If you’ve got a sweets shop or a garden full of fruit and vegetables, the wasps will come back for more food. You might also find that the wasps are coming back to your home for food if you’ve got some sort of sugary drink or food laying around.


Wasps like warm, moist places to build their nests. This means that they like to build nests in the eaves of a roof, under decks, or in the ground next to a foundation wall. They also like to build their nests in places that are protected. This means that they are looking for a place where they can build their nests without being bothered by birds or other predators. A wasp trap is an effective solution for removing wasps from your property. It attracts the wasps with its sweet aroma and traps them. When the wasps get attracted to the trap, they crawl into it and cannot find their way out again.