How To Reset Service Stabilitrak Light

How To Reset Service Stabilitrak Light

Most of today’s cars are equipped with advanced monitoring systems designed to assist drivers and help identify when there is a risk of imminent mechanical failure. One such feature is the Service Stabilitrak light, which can indicate if a potential problem exists with your car that could lead to an accident. There are many different things that could trigger the light to come on, but in general, it requires the driver to take action before the car becomes unsafe to operate. Keeping track of service intervals is important for keeping your car running optimally, but what if you see this light come on? Keep reading for more information about how these systems monitor engine performance and how you can reset the Service Stabilitrak light.

How To Reset The Service Stabilitrak Light? 

Check The Sensor

The first thing you should do when you see the Stabilitrak light is to check the sensor. If the sensor is dirty or faulty, then, the system won’t work properly. The sensor is responsible for monitoring the rotation of the wheels, so, if it is not working well, the system won’t know the speed of the wheels and won’t be able to stabilize the car. To clean the sensor, you have to take the wheel off and clean it thoroughly. The sensor is usually located close to the wheel hub, and it has wires that run to the control unit. The control unit is usually inside the car.

Turn The Car Off And On

If the light is not coming on and you keep driving with it off, it will keep resetting and stay off. You have to drive with the light on and wait for the car to reset. If you have a newer model, you can turn the car off and on and the light will turn off. If the light is on, then, it will remain on until the system resets. You can wait for the light to turn off or you can manually reset it by pressing the reset button. For older models, you don’t have the option to turn the car off as the light will turn off when you start the car again.

Reset Computer

You can reset the computer by disconnecting the battery terminals. To do this, you have to open the hood of your car and disconnect the battery terminals for about 10 minutes. When you reconnect the terminals, the computer will reset and the Stabilitrak light will go off. This is a drastic measure, but, it is sometimes necessary to reset the computer because the system gets corrupted and the light stays on. You will have to reset the computer every time you restart the car as the light will go back on as soon as the computer reboots.

Clear Error Codes With A Scan Tool

If the light is on and you see a code on the dash, you can clear it with the help of a scan tool. You can either rent or buy this tool, and you can clear the code and reset the light. This is useful if you don’t know what the exact issue is. You will have to clear the code every time you start the car. The advantage of clearing the code is that you can drive with the light on, but, you will have to take the car to the mechanic to find out the exact problem and fix it. If you don’t know what the problem is, then, clearing the code is a good idea.

Rebooting The Software

All cars today use software to control certain features in the car. Since you don’t have any physical buttons to reset the light, you can reset the software instead. To do this, you will have to connect your phone to the dashboard system. You can usually do this by going to the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Once you are connected to the car, open the audio settings and click on “next track.” This will reset the software on the car and reset the light. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can reset the software by connecting your phone to the car’s hotspot. Open the internet browser on your phone, navigate to the WiFi settings, and delete the connection from the dashboard system. This will reset the software and reset the light.

How Does The Service Stabilitrak System Work?

Monitor Steering And Braking Inputs

The first way the Stabilitrak system works is by monitoring the steering and braking inputs of the driver. When you’re driving a vehicle without Stabilitrak, this information is displayed visually on the dashboard; for example, a solid green light for normal driving conditions and flashing red light when you need to be extra cautious. Stabilitrak goes several steps further by measuring and analyzing these inputs so that it can inform the driver of potential risk situations even if the driver isn’t aware of it. For example, if you’re driving on a rainy day and start to turn too sharply, Stabilitrak can sense that you are applying too much pressure on the steering wheel and will display a warning light to let you know that you need to take it easy. The same goes for braking, if you start to apply too much braking pressure, Stabilitrak can sense this and let you know that you need to ease off the pedal.

It Identifies Potential Risk Situations

The second way the Stabilitrak system works is that it identifies potential risk situations. It does this by monitoring the vehicle’s speed, steering wheel position, how fast the driver is pressing the accelerator pedal, and the rate of change of all these parameters. When the system detects a potential risk situation, it can activate a warning light on the dashboard to let the driver know that he or she needs to take it easy. If the driver ignores the warning, the system automatically applies the brakes to slow the vehicle down and avoid an accident.

It Can Apply Brakes Automatically To Help Prevent Skidding

The third way the Stabilitrak system works is that it can apply brakes automatically to help prevent skidding. This is especially useful in snowy or icy conditions when your wheels are about to lose traction and you’re unable to steer the vehicle properly. Stabilitrak can determine that the wheels have lost all traction and automatically apply the brakes to help prevent skidding and ensure that you don’t lose control of the vehicle.

When Should I Be Concerned About The Service Stabilitrak Light?

  1. A Service Stabilitrak light does not necessarily indicate that you need to rush to the mechanic. The issue will depend on the specific cause of the light being triggered.
  2.  For example, a low oil level may indicate that you need to change the oil sooner rather than later. However, if the light comes on because of excessive wear on your tires, this is a serious issue that can lead to an accident if not corrected. In general, there are two main causes for concern. 
  3. The first is an excessive vibration in the engine, which can be an early sign of internal damage or faulty timing. The second is a sudden jump in fuel pressure, which can indicate a clogged fuel filter or an internal problem with the fuel pump. 
  4. If you suddenly see the Service Stabilitrak light come on and then go off a few minutes later, there is probably nothing to worry about.

How Is The Service Stabilitrak System Triggered?

  • There are two main ways in which the Service Stabilitrak system can trigger the light. First, it can be triggered by the vehicle’s computerized maintenance system. This system is designed to alert you when your car needs an oil change, new tires, or another type of maintenance. If you see the light come on and then go off a few minutes later, this is probably what happened. 
  • Second, the system can be triggered manually by the driver. Some cars have a button or switch that will trigger the light for a short period of time in order to check the system’s functionality. In most cases, the light will come on for a few seconds and then go off, but in some cases you may need to hold the button for several seconds.


The Stabilitrak light tells you when something is not working as it should in the stability control system of your car. It is a good thing to have this feature because it alerts you when there might be some problem with the car and you need to get things checked immediately. If you keep seeing Stabilitrak light on and off on your dashboard, then, it’s likely that there’s some issue with the system. The good news is that resets are easy to do and helpful for these situations. To reset the light, you can check the sensor, turn the car off and on, reset the computer, clear error codes with a scan tool, or reboot the software.