How To Open Stuck Nail Polish

How To Open Stuck Nail Polish? 

Whether it’s your go-to Red VENDY nail polish or a new Blueberry Smoothie scent, you will find yourself struggling to open the lid of your nail varnish from time to time. Whether you have been storing them in the wrong place, dropped them, or simply have a faulty bottle, it can be tricky to get into that delicious-smelling vial of varnish again. Whether you need help getting rid of the pesky cap on a new bottle or are looking for solutions when your old favorite won’t uncap — we’ve got you covered here! Here are some brilliant ways how to open stuck nail polish with ease!

How To Open Stuck Nail Polish? 

Use a Nail Polish Opener

Even though nail polish remover is the best way to open stuck nail polish, that doesn’t mean every bottle is difficult to open. If you find that a certain shade is particularly difficult to open, try using a nail polish opener to help you get the job done. We recommend using a nail polish opener with a curved-edge tiny spoon-like scoop, which makes it easier to scrape the bottle. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting acetone on your fingers. You can find nail polish openers in tons of stores, online, and at beauty conventions. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that fits your specific needs.

Use Nail Polish Remover

Yes, nail polish remover is a great way to open stuck nail polish, but there are some important things to keep in mind. First, make sure you’re using 100% acetone nail polish remover. Otherwise, the nail polish remover won’t actually work. Next, you’ll want to apply a little pressure to the opening by pressing down on the bottle. Once you’ve done this, you can then slowly swirl the nail polish remover inside the bottle. After that, you can use a cotton swab to remove any excess nail polish remover. And, don’t forget to blow on the nail polish remover to cool it down before swirling.

Microwave the Nail Polish

We know, we know. The microwave is one of the last places you want to put your nail polish. But, it’s also one of the best places to open up a stubborn bottle. Put the bottle in a microwave-safe container and heat it for 10-second bursts. You’ll want to do this until the nail polish inside the bottle has become liquid-like. If the bottle is still hard, give it another five-second burst and then try to open it. Make sure you don’t microwave the nail polish for too long or you could damage the bottle.

Roll the bottle between your hands

This method is probably the simplest of them all. All you have to do is roll the bottle between your hands. You’ll want to roll it in both directions, which will help loosen up the nail polish inside the bottle. If you find that the bottle is still closed, you can then use the other methods we’ve listed. If the bottle still won’t open, you might have a defective one. In that case, you should contact the manufacturer.

Try force and risk ruining your nails

Keep in mind that you might not be able to open every bottle of nail polish. If you find that you’re struggling to open a specific shade, you might need a new bottle. Instead of force-opening the bottle, which can damage the inside of the bottle and your nails, you can either make a trip to the store or order a new bottle online.

Why You Should Stop Using Open Stuck Polish?

Nail Polish Brands Can`t be Trusted

When it comes to the health and safety of consumers, nail polish brands are not to be trusted. This is particularly true with the amount of misleading marketing that is put out by brands that claim to be toxin-free but aren’t. In fact, there are very few brands that can honestly claim to be truly “toxin-free”. The majority of companies use a variety of preservatives, solvents, and fragrance oils that might be harmful to you, as well as the environment. Even brands that are certified “3-free” or “5-free” don’t always live up to their claims, and many of their products contain ingredients that are harmful to your body and the environment.

Print Quality is Terrible

One of the reasons why you should stop using open stuck polish is that the print quality on the bottles is terrible. The print on the bottle is often smudged, uneven, or faded – and sometimes has a completely different shade of color than the polish inside. It can be difficult to read or impossible to see from a distance, which is pretty annoying when you’re trying to shop for a specific color or want to organize your collection. In addition, the print on the outside of the bottle is often misleading. For example, many brands print the name of one of their most popular colors on the bottle, but the color inside the bottle is actually something different.

You’re Just Paying to Advertise for Them

Another reason why you should stop using open stuck polish is that you’re essentially paying to advertise for them. Many brands will have an “ad space” on the bottom of their bottles, which means that they are selling advertising space. While it is helpful and beneficial to some brands, it is essentially a waste of money for you. Why? Because you are paying money for a product that doesn’t belong to you, and you can’t do anything with it. In addition, the print is often misleading and can be a huge turnoff. Some brands have extremely aggressive and inappropriate adverts on the bottom of their bottles, which is totally unnecessary and inappropriate.

It’s a Waste of Money and Materials

Another reason why you should stop using open stuck polish is that it is a waste of money and materials. Typically, when a brand puts a sticker or label on their bottles, they will use the form of cardboard or paper. If you are not reusing that bottle, the sticker will eventually peel off or become damaged, which means that you are wasting money on something that you will have to replace. Alternatively, you could use a sharp object to remove the sticker, which is both dangerous and damaging to the bottle. If you are trying to be eco-friendly by reusing your bottles, then you will have to peel off the sticker every time you use a different color. This means that you are wasting time and materials, including your fingers.

Tips For Open Stuck Nail Polish

Check your nails for residue

It’s possible that the nail polish is stuck to something other than your nails, so it’s important to check for residues first. Before you try any of the five tips for opening stuck nail polish, make sure there’s nothing else stuck to your nails that could be causing the nail polish to get stuck. If you’re at home and have nail polish remover lying around, a cotton swab dipped in the remover should suffice. Alternatively, if you’re in a public setting, rubbing alcohol is also a good option.

Use heat to open the polish

This tip is especially helpful if the nail polish is on your artificial nails. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have nail polish remover on hand, simply use a blow dryer on high and hold the heat over the affected area for a few seconds. The heat will melt the nail polish and it should be easily removed after. If you don’t want to risk damaging your artificial nails, use this trick on the real nails instead.

Give Acetone a try

If the nail polish is still stuck after checking for residues, trying a bit of heat, and using nail polish remover, then you might need to break out the big gun: acetone. Nail polish remover is acetone-based, so you can try applying some of that to your nails to dissolve the stuck polish. However, acetone can be pretty harsh, so be sure to use a very thin layer of remover and do not rub your nails too vigorously. Use a gentle, back-and-forth motion instead, to prevent your nails from getting irritated.

Shake (but gently)

If all else fails, try shaking your nails. Be gentle with this one, though, or else you could end up damaging your nails further. For acrylic nails, you can try gently tapping your nails against the palm of your hand to break off the stuck polish. Just don’t go overboard and start hammering your nails against your palm! For false nails, gently shake your entire hand to see if the shaking action can help break the polish loose. If shaking doesn’t work, try gently rolling your nails between your fingers. Again, don’t overdo it or else you could end up damaging your nails.

Final Words

That concludes our post on how to open stuck nail polish! We hope you enjoyed it, and now know exactly how to open your nail varnish in virtually any situation! Whether you need to open your nail varnish because it’s old, sticky, or just new, there are plenty of different ways to open it. With these tricks, you will be opening any stuck nail varnish in no time!