How To Hang  Paper Towel Holder On The Wall

How To Hang  Paper Towel Holder On The Wall

If you live in a tiny apartment with little storage, you’ll likely need to get creative if you want to keep things neat and tidy. If you’re anything like the average college student or young professional, odds are that a nice-looking paper towel holder probably isn’t your top priority, but it can make a space feel cleaner and more organized. It might not seem like a big deal, but hanging a paper towel holder on the wall can save space, reduce clutter, and make cleaning up after eating much easier. Here are some ideas for how to hang a paper towel holder on the wall.

How To Hang  Paper Towel Holder On The Wall?

Step 1: Measure and Mark Where You’ll Hang Things

Before you hit the hardware store, you’ll want to do a little measuring. How high do you want the dispenser? What about the distance between shelves and hooks? If you want to avoid having to redo these measurements, you can mount the towel dispenser on a wall that’s made of paneling or, if you’re going to be living in this house for a long time, drywall. If your wall is made of concrete, brick, or another sturdy material, you can go ahead and mount the dispenser without having to worry about redoing the measurements.

Step 2: Drill Holes Where You’ll Install Hooks

The first step in mounting a towel dispenser is to drill holes where you’ll install the hooks. Hang the towel dispenser on your wall, and mark the wall where you’ll insert the hooks. Now, measure the distance between the holes you just made on the wall. The distance between the holes is what determines the spacing of the shelves on the dispenser. The average distance between shelves is 9 inches. Keep in mind that the holes should be at least 5 inches away from the wall’s edge.

Step 3: Put Hooks in the Walls and Install Your Organizing Tools

Once you’ve mounted the dispenser, you should install hooks on the wall beneath it. You can do this in two ways. You can either use a single hook that holds multiple towels, or you can use several hooks in a row that each hold one towel. To hold multiple towels in place, you can use a carabiner clip. These clips are spring-loaded, meaning they open and close with ease. To hold one towel in place, you can use a bulldog clip. These clips have a strong grip and will hold your towel in place.

Step 4: Decide Which Towel You’ll Put on Each Hook

If you use multiple hooks, you’ll want to decide which towel you’ll put on each hook. You can use this system for anything in your house. Maybe you want to use a lighter towel for cleaning up messes as you cook, and a darker one for your counters. Alternatively, you could use different colors to help identify different uses for towels. For example, you might use a blue towel for rags that you use in the kitchen and a green towel for rags that you use to clean up spills in the bathroom.

Step 5: Hang-up Time!

Now that you’ve put the measuring tape away and have decided which towel goes on what hook, it’s time to hang them up. You can use clothespins to hang up the towels. Alternatively, you could use spring clips or bulldog clips to hold your towels in place.

Find The Right Location For Your Paper Towel Holder

  1. It’s important to find the right place to hang your paper towel holder so that it’s easily accessible while still looking nice. 
  2. You don’t want it to get in the way, so it’s a good idea to leave a little space between the holder and other cabinets or countertops. 
  3. This will make it a lot easier to access when you need it. You might want to consider hanging your paper towel holder near the sink. 
  4. This would be a smart place to put it if you’re looking to keep your kitchen tidy. 
  5. It’s also a good idea to place the paper towel holder next to the trash can, so it’s easy to throw away used paper towels.

How To Hang A Paper Towel Holder With A Hook?

  • A hook is a quick and easy way to hang a paper towel holder on the wall without any drilling or hammering. Since paper towel holders usually aren’t very heavy, a hook will most likely be fine to hold it.
  • However, if your paper towel holder is heavier or if you want to be absolutely sure it’s secure, you can grab a hook with a heavy-duty bracket.
  •  The nice thing about a hook is that you can easily take it down and store it once you’re done with it. You can find hooks at any big box store, but they’re also pretty common at dollar stores and drugstores.
  •  If you’re hanging a paper towel holder on a painted wall, look for a hook with a rubber coating so it doesn’t leave marks.

How To Hang A Paper Towel Holder With Nails? 

  1. Hanging a paper towel holder with nails is one of the easiest ways to hang a paper towel holder on the wall, but it may not be the best idea.
  2.  Since you’ll be hammering into the paper towel holder itself, it’s possible you could leave a mark. If you don’t want to risk damaging your paper towel holder, you can always try using a hook instead.
  3.  If you do decide to use nails, make sure you’re using the right size and that you’re hammering them in straight. If you’re not careful, you could end up splitting the paper towel holder open and ruining it.

How To Hang A Paper Towel Holder Using Command Strips?

  • Command strips are perfect for hanging lightweight items, like a paper towel holder, without leaving a mark. You can use command strips to adhere a paper towel holder to a wall, a door, or even a cabinet. 
  • You can find paper towel holders with built-in hooks that make them perfect for hanging with command strips. Or, you can just buy a few strips and use the back of the paper towel holder as a place to adhere them. 
  • You can also use command strips to hang other kitchen items, like utensils, spoons, and spatulas. They’re a great, affordable way to organize your kitchen.

Tips For How To Hang A Paper Towel Holder On The Wall

  1. Before you start hammering away, make sure you know what type of wall you’re working with. If you’re not sure, you can use a pencil to mark the studs on your wall. 
  2. You’ll want to use a stud finder to locate the studs behind your paper towel holder’s mounting spot.
  3.  It’s a good idea to hold your paper towel holder up to the wall to see where it’ll be best to hammer in a nail or use a hook. 
  4. You can also use a level to make sure everything looks nice and even.

The Benefits Of Hanging A Paper Towel Holder On The Wall

  • Hanging a paper towel holder on the wall is a great way to save space and make your kitchen or bathroom look neater and more organized.
  •  A wall-mounted paper towel holder will help you keep your countertops clear and make your kitchen or bathroom look a little less cluttered.
  •  It’s also a good idea if you’re short on cabinet space. You can also use a wall-mounted paper towel holder to display your own style. 
  • Be creative! There are so many different designs, styles, and colors of paper towel holders that you can easily find one that matches your decor.


There are lots of ways to hang a paper towel holder on the wall, but the best option is to find one that is specifically designed to be mounted to a wall. This way, you know that it can support the weight of the paper towel holder and will stay securely in place. You can also visit your local hardware store and pick up everything you need to mount your paper towel holder to the wall for less than $30. Hanging a paper towel holder on the wall is a quick and easy way to clean up your kitchen or bathroom and make it look neater.