Google Pixel 8 Pro Vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max: A Real-World Face-off

Google Pixel 8 Pro Vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max

Two of the most awaited phones of 2023 are here and we can’t get more excited about it. The race for the best flagship and functional phone is on with a new and improved iPhone 15 pro competing against an otherworldly AI-powered Google Pixel 8 pro. 

You cannot go wrong with either of these phones but let’s just compare the features, specifications, and overall feel to decide the best value proposition this year. It would be hard this year as both phones come with the same $999 price tag. 

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Tech Specs Showdown

ComparisonApple 15 Pro MaxGoogle Pixel 8 Pro
Display6.7-inch, 2796 x 1290 Super Retina XDR display6.7-inch, 2992 x 1344 always-on Super Actua display (1 to 120Hz)
ProcessorApple A17 ProGoogle Tensor G3 with Titan M2
Storage256GB / 512GB / 1TB128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB

48-megapixel main camera, 12-megapixel ultrawide, 12-megapixel 5x telephoto with 25x digital zoom50-megapixel Octa PD wide camera, 12-megapixel Quad PD ultrawide camera, 48-megapixel Quad PD telephoto camera
Size & Weight6.29 x 3.02 x 0.32 inches, 7.81 ounces6.4 x 3.0 x 0.3 inches, 7.5 ounces
ColorsBlack, White, Blue, Natural TitaniumBay, Obsidian, Porcelain

If we look at the spec sheet alone, the Pixel 8 Pro takes the show by a huge margin. However, numbers don’t necessarily translate into performance as even some of the best phones with 128-megapixel cameras cannot compete with the Pixel series or even the iPhone 12-14 series. 

Moreover, the iPhone as a brand has a knack for not overdoing the numbers for the sake of posterity and why shouldn’t they? When everyone runs out of ideas, they will still have a lot of room to improve their crown jewel, and boy did they make some stellar improvements this year. 

The same is the case for the Pixel 8 Pro with these improvements Pixel 8 Pro has now become a true competitor in the flagship category. Not to discredit the 7 Pro or the 6 Pro as both were beasts in their category, but they were budget phones at best with a subpar chipset at best. 

The best thing about the old Pixel phones has always been the amazing crisp AI-powered image processing and AI-related features. However, this year-round Google has not only improved in terms of hardware but has also taken AI features to a whole other level, bringing the phone right in front of the flagship category. 

Processor – Which One Has More Juice? 

When it comes to power and performance, the A17 Pro is in a league of its own. Not only does the older A17 Pro beat the 9-core Google Tensor G3 (Mali-G715 MP7) in terms of CPU and Gaming performance but is also more efficient in terms of battery performance. 

What’s more, the A17 Pro has a 57% higher GPU frequency, a 55% AnTuTu score, and a 30% higher CPU clock speed than the Tensor G3. Nonetheless, the Pixel 8 Pro has 3 more cores and a better overall instruction set architecture, which do little in terms of boosting raw power and performance but fuels the amazing AI features Pixel 8 Pro is known for. 

Operating Systems – Android vs. iOS (The Eternal Rivalry)

The rivalry as old as the first iPhone has finally come to a close fight. For most years, the rivalry focused on providing the best tech-powered features and user experience to the end consumers, however, modern technology has given it a totally different dimension. 

Herein, iOS has been leading the race for quite some time until the latest Samsung S23 Ultra turned some eyeballs. Similarly, Google with its October launch of Android 14 with Pixel 8 Pro thought they got one step ahead of the competition, when clearly some huge loopholes needed fixing. 

In terms of software, the iPhone has been the market leader for many years and most of this is credited to the impactful updates that are attached to the release of the new iPhone every year. Yes, Google drops several updates every year with the new QPR system but they are insignificant in comparison to the annual iOS updates, which are more clearly defined and focused. 

As things stand now, iOS 17.1 is more fun and stable than Android 14 QPR1. For a more holistic comparison, we would have to wait for the December Android update for a complete software showdown. 

Looks and Feels

In terms of aesthetics and hand feel, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is truly a charmer. The recent switch to a titanium frame and sleeker design gives the iPhone an artistic yet industrial vibe. Moreover, the best part is it is lighter than the previous version and more comfortable to hold due to the curved edges. 

As far as the Pixel 8 Pro is concerned, it has still retained the iconic Google look and has little to offer in terms of design innovation. Still a vibrant and eye-catching design though they could have added some new tweaks this year to make it a standout proposition from the rest of the lineup. 

Final Thoughts

In terms of value for money, the iPhone is the clear winner. However, if you want to explore something different, dynamic, and futuristic then going for the Google Pixel 8 Pro would be the best option. 

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