Do Horses Get Olympic Medals

Do Horses Get Olympic Medals

Horses are wonderful, noble creatures that many of us have had the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately, unless you live near a farm or often ride horses in your spare time, you probably won’t get the chance to meet one anytime soon. So if you’re itching for another fix for equine friends, we’ve got just the solution for you! In this article, we’ll explore whether or not horses get Olympic medals and why they don’t. Let’s get started!

Do Horses Get Olympic Medals? 

No, horses do not get Olympic medals. But they are very important in the sport of Equestrians. They are used as part of the competition by athletes who ride them. They help them to get around a course faster than if they were on their own two feet. The most famous Olympic athletes to use a horse are Easy McKinnon and Karoly Horvath. Horses can be used in eventing, dressage, and jumping. In eventing, they are used in cross-country and show jumping, which is both timed events that require good athletic ability and fitness from both the horse and rider.

Why Don’t Horses Get Olympic Medals?

Horses Are Considered Property, Not Athletes

The most obvious reason why horses aren’t allowed to participate in the Olympics is that they aren’t humans. This would be like letting cats compete in the long jump. And while it’s easy to overlook this rule in everyday conversation, it is an ironclad rule of the Olympic games. Only human athletes are eligible to compete in the Olympic games, so horses aren’t allowed to compete in the Olympic games. The rules around Olympic eligibility have been in place since the very first Olympics in 776 BC when one of the only rules was that only Greek men were allowed to compete. Over the centuries, the rules have evolved to accommodate new technologies and sports but the basic premise has stayed the same: only humans are allowed to compete in the Olympics.

Horses Are Only Included in Eventing and Dressage

Another reason why horses can’t compete in the Olympics is that they’re only allowed to compete in two events: eventing and dressage. These are Olympic equestrian events where horses and humans work together as a team. For example, in eventing, the horse is a means of transport for the rider to get from one obstacle to the next. And in dressage, the horse is a means of expression for the rider to communicate with the judge. In fact, the only Olympic equestrian events that don’t involve horses are show jumping and the two horse racing events (sailing has been included since 1988). This is because horses are a major factor in these events and would increase the amount of risk for the athlete.

There Is No Jumping in Equine Events

Another reason why horses can’t compete in the Olympics is that there isn’t any jumping. Jumping is one of the most high-profile events in the Olympics and it’s one of the most dangerous events in the equestrian world. There are several reasons why horses aren’t allowed to jump in the Olympics. For starters, it’s impractical to expect horses to jump over the same obstacles as humans. Most elite equestrian competitions are built around the idea that one rider competes against the clock in one round to determine the winner, with only one jump in the round. For example, the FEI World Cup Finals eventing round features one jump designed for both horses and riders between 70 and 80 cm in height.

No Horse Has Ever Earned a Medal In the Olympics Before

Another reason why horses don’t get Olympic medals is that no horse has ever earned a medal in the Olympics before. This might seem like a silly reason to exclude an entire species from the Olympics, but it’s important to note that the Olympics are all about setting new records. Even though the equestrian events are some of the oldest Olympic events, they’ve never been the focus of the Olympics. This is because certain events are given priority over others, and equestrian events have never been the priority. For example, track and field events are given priority over equestrian events because they draw more viewers and more revenue to the Olympics.

It’s Just Logistically Impossible for Horses to Participate in the Olympics

Another (and perhaps most obvious) reason why horses can’t compete in the Olympics is that it’s just logistically impossible for horses to participate in the Olympics. For example, the opening ceremony for the 2020 Summer Olympics will feature approximately 10,000 performers. The closing ceremony will feature approximately 15,000 performers. While horses are incredibly athletic animals, they can’t be part of the opening or closing ceremonies because they don’t speak or understand human languages.

How Horses Are Like Athletes? 

  1. While horses can’t compete in the Olympics, these creatures have a lot in common with many of the human athletes who do. Horsing around for fun is a great way to get some exercise and stay fit. Just like athletes, horses have to train and practice for long hours each day to stay in tip-top shape. 
  2. Horses that are well-trained are capable of amazing feats. No matter what breed of horse you own, you can train it to do a variety of tricks and stunts. Humans love to compete in athletic sporting events. Horses also love to compete with one another. Just like humans, horses enjoy competing with their peers to see who can achieve the highest score.
  3.  Horses are great companions. They look out for each other and love to make friends. Much like humans, horses enjoy being good friends with those around them.

How To Celebrate The Olympics If You Love Horses? 

  • One of the best ways to celebrate the Olympics if you love horses is to get involved in local horse events. If there is a horse racing track in your area, you may be able to get tickets to go see the next big race. 
  • If you don’t have access to a horse track, you may be able to go meet some equine athletes in your area. Local stables may offer guided tours where you can get up close and personal with the horses. 
  • Another fun way to celebrate the Olympics if you love horses is to decorate your house with horse-themed decorations. 
  • You can find lots of decorations that feature horses, including posters and ornaments. You can also find gift sets that come with horse-themed souvenirs.

Why Horses Should Compete In The Olympics? 

  1. The Olympic Games are a competition like no other, bringing together the greatest athletes from around the world to compete for medals in a range of different sports. There’s something inherently human about the Games; watching individuals test their physical and mental limits to achieve peak performance in front of thousands of spectators is a powerful experience. 
  2. There are more than 40 recognized Olympic sports with new additions added regularly. As such, it might surprise you that there isn’t an official equestrian sport in the Olympics. 
  3. Neither horseback riding nor show jumping make the list of recognized Olympic sports, so why not add them? It’s time horse riding was recognized as an official sport because they have many similarities to other Olympic events like cycling or skiing. Let’s look at why horses should compete in the Olympics

Which Events Should Be Included?

Having covered the importance of equestrian sports at the Olympics, it’s time to discuss which disciplines should be included. There are several different options, but it would make the most sense to include as many disciplines as possible. The most popular disciplines are listed below: 

  • Showjumping – The most common discipline in equestrian sports.
  •  Dressage – Another well-known discipline. 
  •  Endurance – An event that tests the partnership between horse and rider over a long distance.
  •  Eventing – A combination of dressage, show jumping, and endurance. 
  •  Equestrian vaulting – A gymnastic-style event where the horse and rider perform a variety of tricks.

Bottom Line

Horses are amazing creatures that excel at many different tasks. While they don’t get to compete in the Olympics, they excel at many of the same types of skills that human athletes do. If you’re an equine fan, you can celebrate the Olympics by visiting local stables or going to horse competitions. You can also decorate your house with horse-themed decorations. No matter how you celebrate the Olympics, don’t forget to give your equine friends lots of love!

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