Does Amoxicillin Make You Tired

When you’re sick, one of the last things you want to do is something that will make you feel even more exhausted. But unfortunately, lots of people still think that taking antibiotics makes you tired because they drain your energy. Reduced energy

Can You Take Vitamin D And Iron Together

VITAMIN D and iron are both essential nutrients that our body requires in small amounts. Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of iron, as it helps in the process of releasing iron from food and increasing its bioavailability. This

Can I Bring A Guest To La Fitness?

La Fitness, like many other fitness clubs, has rules in place to protect member privacy as well as the safety of all members. In general, most gyms will not allow guests unless they have a valid sponsorship with that gym. Even then,

Can Braces Break Your Teeth

When it comes to braces, most people think of the metal and wires standard of the 1990s. Not many are aware that braces have come a long way in terms of design and methodology. There are now various kinds of braces that

Is Everyone Lactose Intolerant

Do you know that only about 25% of the world’s population has the ability to digest regular amounts of lactose after they reach adulthood? This is because a lot of people have a genetic condition called lactose intolerance. It makes them unable

Why Do I Keep Hitting My Head Accidentally?

You know what they say: Fail fast, fail often, and fail forward. All of those “failures” will ultimately lead you to either succeed or grow even more. So why do you keep hitting your head accidentally? Because you’re human! We all make

How To Make Banana Pudding The Black Way

‍Being from the South, banana pudding is a dish that comes up often at family gatherings. It’s almost always present. However, there are two schools of thought when it comes to making it: one has vanilla wafers, and the other has Nilla

How To Get Rid Of Scratch Marks On Your Skin

Scratch marks on the skin can be nerve-wracking. They are painful, ugly, and can last for a long time. Scratch marks on the skin caused by an insect bite, rash, armpit shaving, or any other reason are not uncommon. These red or

How To Weigh Something Without A Scale

There are many ways to measure something without a scale. For example, you can use two containers to find the weight of an object by seeing how much it displaces. You can also estimate its length or volume by looking at other

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