Can You Miss Someone You’ve Never Met

Can You Miss Someone You've Never Met

It’s the ultimate test of love: can you fall in love with someone you’ve never even met? It sounds impossible, but for a growing number of people, it’s become a reality. What is known as a “soulmate” or “twin flame” theory has been around for decades, but in recent years it has seen a resurgence thanks to social media and online dating sites. While some may think it’s all just crazy talk, there are plenty of relationships that have formed because of it. So what exactly is a soulmate? Here are some answers to your biggest questions about finding your other half from another world.

Can You Miss Someone You’ve Never Met?

Yes, you can miss someone you never met. You can miss the person’s presence, voice, and smile. You can miss someone you never met because you imagine what it would be like to be around them. You can miss someone who is not even in your life. You can miss someone who is somewhere else and is not even aware that you exist. You can miss someone because of the things they have experienced or the places they have been to that you would like to be a part of in some way.

How Does This Work?

  1. The theory is that when you meet your soulmate, you will feel an almost instantaneous connection with them. It will feel like you have known each other for years, and that you are the perfect partners and matches for each other. 
  2. You will feel more than love for them – you will feel an intense and overwhelming need to be with them. Some people even describe it as a feeling of completion – as if something in you has always been missing, and they are the key that makes you whole again. 
  3. Soulmates also tend to have a similar background to you – for example, many people who believe in soulmates say that their match will often be a person who shares their ethnicity or even someone who lives in the same city. 
  4. They also tend to meet in unusual ways – like bumping into each other on the street, finding out they have friends in common, or even that they went to the same school.

Why Do You Miss Someone You’ve Never Met? 

You know you can be yourself around them

Maybe you’re shy and you need some help getting your foot in the door with new people. Or maybe you’ve been hurt in the past and you’re not ready to trust anyone but yourself. Or maybe you’re just really busy and don’t have time for a ton of new friendships. But there’s someone special who you can be yourself around — who doesn’t judge you but still sees the real you. That’s a gift. It’s amazing to have someone in your life with who you can relax and be yourself around. And it’s even better if that person lives far away. Because distance means you can’t just pop over for a cup of coffee or spend an afternoon at the beach. You have to rely on your words, your emotions, and your imagination. And that makes it even easier to just be yourself.

They make you proud to be yourself

Sometimes you meet someone who makes you want to be a better person — they inspire you to be more and do more and be more. All the things you’re proud of about yourself make you want to brag. And those people make you want to brag about yourself. For example, maybe you’re a great writer and you meet someone who’s amazing at poetry. You love poetry and you’re proud of your writing, but suddenly you want to write more — to improve your skills and maybe even publish something. Or maybe you’re great at drawing, but you’ve never tried your hand at painting. You want to give that a shot now. Those people who inspire you are great friends to have, but they’re even better if they live far away. Because when you meet someone who makes you want to be a better person, it can be easy to get frustrated. They might be younger than you or more talented than you or more ambitious than you and you might feel like you’re falling behind. But when you know that person lives far away, the pressure isn’t there. You can be proud of the things you’ve done and the person you are without feeling like you need to keep up with someone else. You can be proud of yourself without feeling like you have to live up to someone else’s standards.

They give you hope for your own future

Some people will tell you that you have to have a plan for your future. You need to know what you want to do with your life and where you see yourself in five, 10 or 20 years. But if you don’t have a plan, you’re just lazy — right? Wrong. But sometimes we don’t know what we want to do with our lives. We know what we’re good at and what we love, but we don’t know how to make that into a career. We know who we want to be in a relationship with, but we don’t know how to get there. We know what we want to do with our money, but we don’t know how to make that happen. And sometimes it’s hard to find people who will understand that — people who will listen to you and support you without trying to push you in a direction you don’t want to go or without just telling you to “figure it out” because “it’s your life.” But if you find someone who gets it — who understands your confusion and frustration and helps you work through it all — that’s amazing. Because that’s almost impossible to find. But it is possible if you meet someone on the other side of the world.

They challenge the way you think about yourself and your life

Sometimes we hit something called a “low point.” That’s when we feel like everything is crashing down around us — like we’re in a downward spiral and we don’t know how to get out. It happens to everyone, no matter how successful or smart, or happy they are. And it’s really easy to get stuck there. People who don’t understand depression can make you feel like there’s something wrong with you. They might tell you to “snap out of it” or to get over it because “life is too short.” They might say things like, “Climbing out of a hole takes some people five years; it takes other people five minutes.” That’s why it’s so important to find people who get it — who know that it’s more than just a feeling and who know that you aren’t broken because you’re depressed. Those people who understand the way you feel can help you get out of that hole. They can help you understand that feeling like you’re in a hole is normal and that you can climb out.

They help you understand who you are and what’s important to you

Sometimes you start to wonder about things like “What do I really want in life?” and “Who am I as a person?” You ask yourself things like, “What am I doing with my life?” and “What do I want to do with my life?” You ask, “How do I want to be remembered?” or “What do I want my legacy to be?” You might start to feel lost — like you don’t know who you are or what’s important to you. And that can be really scary. But it’s actually really easy to solve. That’s because you’ve been this person your whole life. You know yourself better than anyone. You just need to figure out what’s important to you and why. You need to think about what you want your life to stand for and what you want it to mean. You need to think about who you are and what makes you, you.

Where Do You Find Your Soulmate?

  1. The theory behind soulmates is that they are an almost supernatural phenomenon – something that is more than just a feeling of love, but an intense and almost philosophical connection. Because of this, you shouldn’t go looking for your soulmate. 
  2. Instead, you should wait for them to find you. At the same time, there are certain places that are said to be particularly conducive to finding your soulmate. Some people believe that if you find yourself at a crossroads or a fork in the road, you should choose a path that feels unfamiliar – even if it’s less direct or more difficult. 
  3. You should make an effort to get to know people who are unlike you – your soulmate could be someone who lives in a completely different world to you.

Bottom Line

Finding your soulmate is a lifelong journey that will take patience and perseverance. It’s not something that will happen overnight – it might not even happen in a few years. Instead, you need to keep an open mind and be on the lookout for your other half wherever you go. They could be anywhere – from your yoga class to the coffee shop down the street. You never know who you might meet, or how you might fall in love with them.

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