Are Candles Bad For Babies? Exploring The Risks And Benefits

Are Candles Bad For Babies

Candles bring a soothing, calming glow to any room, but when it comes to babies, are they safe? While candles can provide a sense of ambiance and create a peaceful atmosphere, they also pose potential risks if not used properly. In this article, we’ll explore the risks associated with using candles around babies and the potential benefits so that parents can make an informed decision regarding the safety of their children. We’ll look at the different types of candles, the recommended safety practices, and the potential risks arising from candle use. With the proper precautions and safety measures, parents can confidently use candles in the presence of their baby while still ensuring their safety.

Are Candles Bad For Babies?

Candles can be dangerous for babies, so it’s essential to take extra precautions when using them in a home with a baby. First of all, candles can be a fire hazard. Even if you are very careful, a candle can topple over or start a fire if it is knocked over. This is especially true if you have a curious baby who likes to explore their environment. So, always keep candles out of the reach of babies and never leave them unattended.

What Types Of Candles Are Available?

  1. Paraffin Candles: These are the most common type of candle and can be found in various shapes and sizes. They are made from paraffin wax and synthetic dyes or fragrances.
  2. Soy Candles: Soy candles are made from soy wax, which is derived from soybeans, and usually contain natural dyes and fragrances. They tend to burn slower than paraffin candles, making them a better choice for those looking for safety around babies.
  3. Beeswax Candles: These candles are made from pure beeswax and usually have no added dyes or fragrances, making them one of the safest candles to use around babies.
  4. Battery-Operated Candles: Battery-operated candles are a great alternative to traditional candles. They provide the same warm glow without any risks associated with open flames.
  5. Electric Candles: Electric candles are similar to battery-operated candles, but they plug into an outlet. They provide a safe, flameless source of light.

Common Risks Associated With Candle Use

  • Fire Risk: Candles are a source of open flame, which can be a fire hazard if not used properly. Always keep candles away from flammable materials and never leave them unattended.
  • Burns: If a baby were to touch a lit candle, they could suffer severe burns. Keep candles out of reach of babies and children at all times.
  • Allergies: Candles may contain fragrances that can cause allergic reactions in some people, including babies and young children. Look for unscented candles or those made with natural ingredients to reduce the risk of allergies or other skin irritations.
  • Toxic Fumes: Burning candles can release toxic fumes into the air, which can be dangerous for babies to inhale. Stick to candles made with natural soy or beeswax, as these are less likely to release toxic fumes than those made with paraffin wax or synthetic fragrances.
  • Smoke: Burning candles can produce smoke, which can be bothersome and irritating for babies. Ventilate the area well and use an air purifier to reduce the smoke.
  • Hot Wax: If a baby touches the hot wax of a burning candle, they could suffer from severe burns. Keep candles out of reach of babies and children at all times.

Recommended Safety Practices For Candle Use Around Babies

  1. Always use caution when using candles around babies. Keep them out of reach and away from open flame.
  2. Make sure the candle is extinguished correctly before leaving the room.
  3. Only use soy or beeswax candles, which are considered safe for use around babies. Other types of candles can contain harmful chemicals that could be harmful to infants.
  4. Use caution when placing a candle on a surface that could easily be tipped over, like a cradle or highchair.
  5. If you do decide to use candles around your baby, be sure to read the safety instructions carefully before lighting the candle and ensuring it is properly extinguished.

Benefits Of Candle Use For Babies

Candle Use Can Create A Peaceful Atmosphere.

Candles can help create a soothing, calming environment in any room, including the nursery. They can help to create an atmosphere that helps to promote sleep and reduce anxiety. This is especially important for new parents struggling with sleep deprivation.

Candle use can help babies learn about safety.

Babies learn best through experience, so providing opportunities to explore and learn about safety is critical. Candle use can help babies develop their sense of trust and security, which can help them to become more independent and confident as they grow older. Candle use also allows parents to teach essential life skills, such as how to handle difficult situations, how to solve problems, and how to be responsible for their safety.

Candle use is safe if appropriately practiced.

There are a few key things that parents need to keep in mind when using candles around their baby: First, make sure the room is dark and quiet. Second, use caution when moving the candle around the room. Third, never leave a burning candle unattended. Finally, permanently remove the candle when it is finished burning.

There are potential risks associated with candle use.

While candle use is generally safe, there are a few potential risks that parents need to be aware of. First, candles can pose a fire hazard if not used properly. Second, candles can be a choking hazard if they are lit incorrectly. Third, candles can contain chemicals that can be harmful to babies. Finally, baby oil and other scents may contain chemicals that could be harmful to babies.

It is essential to talk to your baby’s doctor before using candles.

While candle use is generally safe, it is always important to talk to your baby’s doctor before using any new product or activity. Your baby’s health and safety are always the top priority.

Various Types of Candle Holders and Safety Tips For Each

1. Jar Candles:

Jars with tight-fitting lids make for safe candle holders because they prevent children from accidentally getting their hands or fingers caught in the flame. When using jar candles, place them on a level surface so the flame doesn’t flicker and potentially cause a fire. Additionally, never leave a lit candle unattended, and always use caution when placing candles near flammable materials such as curtains or furniture.

2. Pillar Candles:

Pillar candles are typically made from wax encased in a wick. These candles can be placed on tables or counters, but keep them out of reach of small children who may knock them over. When lighting a pillar candle, hold it close to the wick, so the heat doesn’t travel up the candle shaft and set off the flame at the top. Additionally, ensure your home is adequately ventilated so that fumes from the burning candles don’t accumulate and cause problems for those with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

3. Taper Candles:

Taper candles are the safest type to use around babies because they have a shorter candle shaft and are less likely to cause a fire. To prevent accidental burns, always use a taper candle in an open flame holder and never leave a lit taper unattended. When extinguishing a taper candle, place it on the ground, so the wax doesn’t drip onto your floor or furniture.

Best Candles For Babies

Soy candles

Soy candles are an excellent option for babies because they are Paraffin-free, which means they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to infants. Additionally, soy candles are vegan, making them a good choice for parents who want to avoid using animal products.

Beeswax candles

Beeswax candles are another great option for babies because they are natural and safe. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals, and they emit a pleasant aroma that can help to create a peaceful atmosphere in the room. Additionally, beeswax candles are eco-friendly because they don’t require any special packaging or storage facilities.

Essential oil candles

Essential oil candles are another excellent choice for babies because they provide various benefits. Not only do essential oil candles have a pleasant aroma, but they also contain natural ingredients that can help to improve mood and relaxation. Additionally, essential oil candles are safe for infants because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.


Candles can bring a sense of ambiance and peace to any room, but it is essential to take the necessary safety precautions when using them in the presence of a baby. It is essential to choose the right type of candle, invest in quality candles, and always follow the recommended safety practices. By taking the necessary steps, parents can confidently use candles in the presence of their baby while still ensuring their safety.

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