5 Baby Clothes Essentials Every First Time Mom Needs

You are a first-time mom and are trying to organize your new baby’s wardrobe. You don’t quite know what clothing items will be the most necessary in your child’s routine.

Before you purchase anything, familiarize yourself with infant sizing charts. Following are the basics that every infant needs to get a good start in life:

Whoever invented these one-piece outfits was a genius. Onesies are one piece body-suit type clothing that is snapped at the crotch. Plain white styles can be used for extra warmth under clothes. Colorful or patterned styles can be worn alone, with pants or shorts, or even a miniature skirt. Long onesies are even available for winter wear.

It is important to keep infants’ heads protected in both the heat, the cold, and the wind. Small tight-fitting or floppy hats will both do the job so have both styles on hand for all types of weather. The hats with a rim will also help shield your child’s eyes from the sun and glare.

These small but important essentials will go far in stretching your child’s wardrobe so always have several on hand. It will keep him clean and dry each time he spits up, and you won’t have to change his outfits quite so often. Use them during feeding times to keep the mess to a minimum. These wonderful bibs can be made of terry cloth, knit materials, or cotton. As your child gets older, plastic styles with a pocket on the bottom can really help catch the scraps of food he misses or drops during his meals.

Keeping his tiny feet warm and dry should be a top priority. Purchase an array of booties in a variety of pastel colors to match his other clothing items. Choose a style that is difficult for the baby to kick off. As the child gets older, these booties can be replaced by soft shoes.

Stretch pants
When it is cool outside or you just want to cover up your child to keep him from the elements, stretch pants are an item that he will use often. They can be short or long. They can be pulled on over a onesie if the weather turns cool or a parent want to allow the child to crawl around on the floor or playpen.

Having this list on hand is essential if you are on a budget or wish to keep the clothing essentials to a minimum. Of course your child needs other clothes, but these are the day-to-day essentials to keep on hand at all times. Most of these are made of knits which are both comfortable and durable. You can add other essentials as needed, such as dress clothes, dresses for girls, and other unique clothing items.

You can dress your child as simply or as extravagantly as you please, but these essentials will go a long way for day-to-day wear. Purchase them in a wide variety of bright and pastel colors, so he will have a variety of outfits to wear every day.

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