5 Tips for Getting Your Baby to Sleep in the Crib

If your baby won’t sleep in her crib, then you need to make her more comfortable by using a variety of methods. Here are five ways to help your infant sleep in her crib.

Crib Sleeping 1: Follow a Routine Daily Schedule

Babies need schedules to help them have a routine that sets their body clocks. Infants have circadian rhythms that affect their sleeping and waking cycles. To keep your baby on a sleeping schedule that will help her to sleep in a crib, make sure to follow the same eating, sleeping and waking times each day. You may need to practice this routine for several weeks to notice a change in your child.

Crib Sleeping 2: Give Your Baby a Warm Bath

Help your baby relax at night by giving her a soothing warm bath, using soap with a scent such as lavender. You may want to massage your infant with gentle strokes along her back and legs to help her relax enough to sleep comfortably in her crib. Make sure that your baby is dressed for the temperature in the room so that she isn’t too hot or too cold.

Crib Sleeping 3: Create a Comfortable Environment

Create a comfortable environment for your baby with soft warm blankets that don’t irritate her skin. Remember that some infants are sensitive to certain fabrics such as wool that can cause a rash. Turn off the lights in your infant’s nursery, and make sure to close the window blinds. Have a quiet zone around your baby’s nursery so that she won’t feel restless. If the nursery is cold, then you must turn up the thermostat, or alternatively, you may need to have a circulating fan in the nursery in the summer.

Crib Sleeping 4: Reduce Your Baby’s Naps

If your baby won’t sleep at night in her crib, then reduce her naps during the day. Make sure to do this gradually so that your infant won’t try to sleep late in the afternoon. Try to eliminate some naps, or you can reduce the length of a nap by 15 minutes. In addition, keep your baby awake while you are traveling in a vehicle so that she will want to sleep at night.

Crib Sleeping 5: Swaddle Your Infant At Night

Many infants enjoy the comfort of swaddling, and this is easy to do with a warm blanket. Wrap your baby securely in a soft blanket from her neck to her toes so that your child feels calmer. Swaddling can help your baby to relax enough to sleep at night in a crib. After your baby is asleep, you can remove the swaddling blanket carefully.