5 Chic Spring Fashion Accessories for Women

Spring is an excellent time to begin wearing a variety of accessories. Some of these accessories are designed for keeping you warm on the cooler days of spring while others are perfect for making you feel beautiful on a warmer day.

Spring Accessories 1: Shawls

Shawls aren’t just made for grandmothers because designers make gorgeous wraps for younger women who need an extra garment for warmth. You can find colorful shawls that are made with abstract designs, and you can also find plain color wraps. If you only want to own one wrap, then select a neutral color such as tan or gray that you can wear with an assortment of outfits. When you buy a shawl that is made from washable materials, it is easy to use the item frequently throughout the week.

Spring Accessories 2: Sunglasses

The most popular style of sunglasses this year have small lenses that are made in unusual shapes, but wearing sunglasses with larger lenses can protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When you can buy only one pair of sunglasses, select a style with metallic frames that you can wear with dressy or casual garments. Make sure that your sunglasses fit correctly, and also, take care of the items so that the lenses are not scratched.

Spring Accessories 3: Tights

If you have been wearing heavy corduroy slacks all winter, then wearing a dress in the spring feels wonderful. However, when you wear lightweight panty hose, your legs will become cold, but you can find attractive tights to wear instead. You can find heavyweight tights that are made of knitted materials that will keep your legs toasty warm on cooler spring days. Make sure to know your weight and height while you are buying an assortment of spring tights.

Spring Accessories 4: Headbands

When it is a windy spring day, you will want to control your hair, and you can do that with a pretty ruffled headband. You can choose elastic or plastic headbands in bright spring colors such as yellow or pink to help you feel fantastic while the days get warmer in the spring. Use a tape measure to understand the size of headbands that you need to avoid wearing headbands that are too loose or too tight.

Spring Accessories 5: Jewelry

It is difficult to wear jewelry in the winter while you are wearing turtleneck sweaters and winter gloves, but in the spring, you can begin to accessorize with earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Buy bold jewelry in bright colors and designs to showcase your spring garments. Large dangling earrings with real or fake stones are in style this year, and you can also wear wide colorful plastic bracelets.